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I was messing about with a game recently that featured a ton of fantasy characters and races from a very popular tabletop game that has been around for ages.

Of course, pretty much all of us know exactly what elves are but I had never heard about Eladrin before and after a quick Google I found out that Eladrin are gay elves. Elves are of course not gay and I guess that makes sense then that there is a group of elves separate from the main race, but if we’re also being honest, elves are about as gay as it gets to begin with.

When I saw this shemale I could not help but think that he/she/ze/ve/pi or whatever dumbfuck pronoun the correct one is, would be the perfect Eladrin if ever a movie was to be made featuring this fantastical race.

This specific shemale in pic calls itself seppukuwu and if you like tranny sex chat you’ll be happy to know that there are ample performers around these days to get your creep on.

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There are two things I want to admit here.

The first is that I have never even met a bisexual guy in my life. Perhaps I have, one or two, that just never admitted it. I mean it’s not the kind of thing anyone has reason to just volunteer, it’s private stuff. I do have and have had the odd gay friend and I’d like to think if they were willing to divulge that information they would have said if they were bisexual.

I mention this because I assume it’s not easy for a transsexual to find a partner, like this girl in picture and that guy looks handsome too.

The second thing is that even as a heterosexual male I will admit that she is beautiful. I mean what is there to fault without being an ass about it. I would never have guessed she was born male if I ever saw her in public.

You can see her on live cam by the way: Victoriaborkan and if you’re into latina tranny sex there is even more to choose from.

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As a heterosexual male I can not begin to even pretend to appreciate the psychology around deciding to have a sex change but at least in the case of the physiology of Kimber James I get kind of get it. I don’t think I would have taken matters that far myself but if I had a willy as tiny as this guy’s then perhaps the thought may have crossed my mind.

I’m saying that with my tongue in my cheek of course and I hope I’m not ruffling too many feathers. Of course it is immensely more complicated than just that.

From what I can tell Kimber is quite the sensational hit it in the world of shemale porn and he/she/ze/du, or whatever pronoun I’m supposed to be using, is also starring at the glamour transsexuals site so aptly named

Beyond the fact that the calibre of models there are simply off the hook there’s an additional kicker in that you can snag a discount to TransSensual and save 83%.

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