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If you haven’t jumped on the trans porn bandwagon yet, then you’re about to have your mind blown. Right now you can take advantage of this 82% off discount to TS Factor and enjoy high-quality content that’s sure to satisfy your every sexual craving. The roster is packed with the most gorgeous TS performers and you’ll find the widest variety of hardcore action. It’s all delivered beautifully and checks off all the boxes.

Aubrey Kate, Bailey Jay, Sarina Valentina, Natalie Mars, Lena Moon, and  Eva Lin are all here. When these babes are fully dressed you’d never guess they’re packing massive cocks between their legs. They all have delicate feminine features, ample tits, firm round asses, long legs, and insatiable sex drives. Watch as they fuck men and take their turn getting their tight assholes stretched as well. 

Your membership is going to grant you full access to the entire Evil Angel network. That means you’ll have 25+ unique sites at your fingertips unlocked and ready to explore. All of the newest content is shot in spectacular 4K Ultra HD quality that makes it easy to imagine you’re right there in the room with all the action happening. 


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When it comes to transsexual porn, no one does it harder than Trans Harder. There are lots of sites out there that cater to this niche, but they can’t compare in any way. Over the years Trans content has become more mainstream. Right now viewers can take advantage of this Trans Harder discount for 75% off instantly. This is mind-blowing action that will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

The roster here is unbelievable. These T-girls are absolutely gorgeous and vary in just about every way imaginable, so there’s plenty of diversity. They all have delicate feminine features, ample breasts, juicy asses, and rock hard cocks. If you saw them fully clothed you’d never guess these chicks have dicks. You’ll get to watch as they get their tight assholes ravaged, make men suck them off, and even plunge deep into straight men’s asses. There’s definitely a lot of BDSM incorporated here. This isn’t a romantic site by any means. I strongly suggest you take advantage of this unbelievable deal before it expires.

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If you’re searching for Trans porn that’s highly erotic, explicit, and intimate, then you’re in the right place. Viewers are able to take advantage of this 73% off Transsensual discount link and enjoy a massive library of content that’s sure to satisfy. 

Unlike most sites that cater to this niche, all of the content you find here is delivered in spectacular quality. It’s obvious these are professionally shot videos. Everything is 100% exclusive as well, so you aren’t going to find it anywhere else. All of the hottest Tgirls in the industry are here. When they’re fully clothed you’d never guess they’re packing massive cocks between their legs. I’m talking about hotties with delicate feminine features, big bouncing boobs, slim waists, full round asses, and dicks that can be hard and ready to go in a matter of seconds. You’ll get to see them in a wide range of fantasies that will bring all your darkest desires to light. These scripted scenarios are story-driven and sure to excite but don’t worry, you’ll be finished off strong as well.


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I really started watching porn a lot when I was in college. Most guys did. I’ve always been a curious guy that likes to check out all my options, so while most of my friends never made it past the teen niche, I took my time scouring through the different categories and niches that were out there. There were few things that could draw me in the way trans content did. I was captivated by how exquisite the performers were. None of my friends understood when I tried sharing it with them, so I left it along and just recently started watching again.

So much time had passed and I no longer knew which sites were worth checking out, so I decided to find transgender porn discounts and start my search there. They suggest several sites that cater to a large audience. Trans content is becoming more mainstream every day, so it’s no wonder you get a nice mix with a lot of these offers. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit them all, but the ones I have checked out wildly exceeded my expectations.

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There isn’t much out there capable of getting me off quite as hard as some good tranny porn. Chicks with dicks are what make me stiff and I don’t think that’s something that’s ever going to quit. If you feel the same way then you’re one lucky son of a bitch because today I’m feeling generous. Click here to score up to 45% in savings with a Grooby Girls discount. It’s just that simple. Aren’t you glad we’re friends?

Grooby Girls (previously named Shemale Yum) is where all the cool kids go to find the hottest tranny action online. I should know since I’m the coolest kid at the lunch table. Part of the reason I like this site so much is the variety. You get to see tranny on tranny, shemale on cis guy, shemale on cis girl, and so much more. Add them all up and you’ve got over 1,950 Grooby models to help you empty out those balls of yours. But no deal lasts forever, so sign up now before this one expires!


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I was messing about with a game recently that featured a ton of fantasy characters and races from a very popular tabletop game that has been around for ages.

Of course, pretty much all of us know exactly what elves are but I had never heard about Eladrin before and after a quick Google I found out that Eladrin are gay elves. Elves are of course not gay and I guess that makes sense then that there is a group of elves separate from the main race, but if we’re also being honest, elves are about as gay as it gets to begin with.

When I saw this shemale I could not help but think that he/she/ze/ve/pi or whatever dumbfuck pronoun the correct one is, would be the perfect Eladrin if ever a movie was to be made featuring this fantastical race.

This specific shemale in pic calls itself seppukuwu and if you like tranny sex chat you’ll be happy to know that there are ample performers around these days to get your creep on.

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If you are a fan of trans-action and enjoy gorgeous models with a little something extra to offer, TS Playground is a sweet destination for exactly that. The shemales that can be enjoyed at this smoking-hot site are more beautiful than most of the female-born population and have stunning bodies that can only be described as perfection. Plus they have a surprise in store for anyone that desires to sneak a peek below those sexy little skirts of theirs. 

The content for members at TS Playground is 100% exclusive and only features the most beautiful t-girls. These beauties take members through arousing scenes where they take turns showing off how they masturbate, get hot and heavy with some extremely hot shemale-on-shemale action, take it in the ass by a sexy stud wearing a gigantic cock that’s rock-hard, and some fun threesome playtime that features two sexy ladyboys and one lucky hunk. With 600+ full-length videos packed with action, there are hours upon hours of fun to be had here. Use this link to join and get up to 87% in savings with a discount to TS Playground.

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Aren’t you glad that tranny porn not only exists but is thriving right now online? With technology always advancing, we now have the best production value including 4K Ultra HD video quality to show off all those hot bodies. Until you’ve seen porn in 4K, can you even say you’ve seen porn at all? That’s how much better it is than standard HD! And when you sign up for GenderX, you’ll have a front-row seat for some of the best shemale porn on the planet.

Everyone loves having more choices, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on GenderX. Sit back and jerk off to step-family porn, sensual massages, trans women, cis women, interracial fucking, and so much more! With pornstars like Chanel Santina, Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Ella Hollywood, Jesse Dubai, and TS Foxxy, you can’t go wrong with this shemale site!

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I have been totally TRANSformed by the hot hardcore tranny videos at Trans500. This site has done more than I ever thought possible on expanding my fantasy of hot shemale sex. 

I remember back when I thought that tranny porn was not my cup of tea. I had never had sex with a tgirl, I still haven’t, to be honest, and I thought of it as such a taboo. But then after I found out about our 41% off Trans500 discount link, I thought what the heck. I didn’t have anything to lose. 

Little did I know, what I had to lose was load after load of cum! These chicks are hot as hell. Seeing them suck cock is more of an art form than just porn. These babes seriously have skills like you would not believe. I guess that probably comes from the fact that they have dicks themselves, so they know what feels good. But hot damn! I would love to let one of these babes have a go at my erection!

Speaking of erections, seeing these chicks with their big stiff cocks did something to me I wasn’t even prepared for. It’s so sexy and erotic, especially when they have such beautiful faces, perfect tits, and hot bodies!

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Should I or should I not? Quitting a relationship is one of the most tumultuous decisions many deal within our daily lives. Typically, breaking ties with someone you genuinely love is not a walk in the park. For most people, it one of the most heart-wrenching experiences. Very few, of cause with a cold heart would consider it a mere sport.

One of the ideologies of romantic relationships is to explore the value of understanding each other and forming a strong union out of it. When that seems not to work, there is no need to die in it – you can always call it a day and go your separate ways. People walk away from their relationships for varied and more personalized reasons. Few of these are, however, typical, and better if you know them.

When your partner is a narcissist cheater

Do you wonder why some quit their relationships and resort to busty sex dolls? Narcissism cheating could be a reason enough.

Elena, a black beauty doll

Narcissism may appear more like a health disorder. It describes the characteristics of a person who upholds excessively the sense of self-importance. These are the people who will do wrong but never accepts any of it. Instead and more surprisingly, they may think of you having some problems. They are ever selfish, immature, and inexperienced.

Such partners, when they cheat on you, expect no empathy from what they have done. They will never apologize nor try to rectify their mistakes. Worse could be if they are lustful – more frequent, you will have to deal with heartbreaks. If you have such a weak heart that can’t contain it all, why not say, I quit?

When You Have a Spoiled and Cruel Partner

Men and women alike can be both spoilt and cruel. Considering how many cases you hear about women beating their husbands or vice versa – they are quite a lot. If they do not do it themselves, then they can hire some goons to help them. Unless you’ve received specialized encouragement, training, and so discipline in handling such partners, you may never have peace in your relationship.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is quite tricky, not even with your training, to tame partners of overboard characteristics of this nature. You will send them to prison for beating you, but when they come out, they are still the same. What do you do? Pack up and settle in somewhere else with your sexy big booty doll. If you are a woman, you can get yourself a well-built male doll to still enjoy your sexual pleasures.

When he is married

As much as polygamy is acceptable in some parts of the world, you should always have a second thought before going for a married man. Your happiness is one factor you should always consider paramount when indulging in a relationship likely to end in marriage.

Do not always assume that when the man’s wife is living such a beautifully happy and healthy life, so will you when you join her. Each relationship, however robust it might look, still faces its dynamics, and you who is new might fall far behind in understanding some of them appropriately. One visible bit will be that getting along with the first wife will not be easy. It will always be hate and fight.

If you feel your heart can contain all the misunderstandings and assumptions of the second position, you can always go ahead. However, best could be that you retreat and find an unmarried guy who will focus all his concentrations on you.

Your Partner Does Not Recognise Your Input

This is more of lacking work ethics. Naturally, relationships tend to divide responsibilities of which each one of you must act on effectively. When your partner neglects theirs and fails to recognize yours, then there is a red flag on the rise. When it happens only a couple of times with a logical reason, it may be a no issue; otherwise, something could be wrong already.

Such situations indicate that your partner does not recognize your existence and so input in the relationship. It could be that they are no longer interested in you. Try seeking advisory help to reconcile the both of you. If all these efforts fail to work, you can consider leaving.


The circumstances discussed above explain only a few reasons you may consider when your relationship isn’t satisfying anymore. However, you should not rush into making the decision when you are not sure of anything. Try seeking help wherever you can. It is until you cannot hold it anymore that you can proceed with it.

However, as you quit, remember to buy your lovely torso doll or any other top sex doll. They will only give you company but satisfy your sexual wants as well.

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